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C, FAQ; A nice collection by Steve Summit.

C++ Reference; A wiki for features in the C++ Standard Library.



GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection: The official homepage.

GCC Cross Compiler: Something for you that want to build your own.



GDB Internals: The home page.


Programming Technics

Design Patterns: A wiki for People Projects and Patterns.

Refactoring: Refactoring Home Page. Maintained by Martin Fowler


Programming and embedded system articles

The Ganssle Group: Embedded programming.

Dr.Dobb´s: Since C/C++ progamming Journal disappered a must read.

Electronic Engeneering Times: Embedded system hardware and software.


Web Development

W3Schools: Nice introduction to web development fundamentals.


Linux Kernel

Linux kernel map: A quick kernel overview.

Linux about: Answers many questions.

Linux MIPS: MIPS specific porting.


GNU/Linux Distributions, Information and News

Distrowatch: A perfect overview with link to all significant distributions.

DesktopLinux: Linux desktop related information.

LXer: Linux News

LWN: Reader supported news site.

LinuxQuestions: Linux Forum


Bash script tutorials

Beginners guide: Try here first.

Bash reference: Then this might be a good place.

Bash FAQ: More than just FAQ.



Scrum Alliance: An organisation to increase the understanding of Scrum.

FDD: A website to discuss Feature Driven Development.

Extreme Programming: A gentle introduction.

XPWiki: Extreme Programming Wiki

XProgramming: A website with XP introduction and articles.



IETF RFC: Internet Engineering Task Force, Request For Comments.

ITU Publications: If it is not in an RFC try here.

Open standards: A number of pages for open programming related standards.